Dance Recitals

VideoGram Productions has over 22 years experience in the recital videography field.
 Using HD digital format technology, we give our clients what they want; outstanding clarity and a quick turnaround. In fact, many times DVDs are shipped within three weeks. The results are satisfied, happy parents and students.

An introductory offer of $30.00 per DVD, including shipping and handling is available for your studio TODAY!
Please call or email us for more details

The following is a list of our Satisfied Clients (Studio’s) 

  •  Adagio Dance Academy
  • Ashley MacLeod’s Dance 
  • Beverley Richards Dance Studio  
  • Dance Technics
  • Dance Productions
  •  Happy Feet Dance Studio
  • Interstate Dance
  • Interstate Gymnastics 
  • Karla Pattavina’s Dance Academy
  •  L.A. Dance
  • Laurie Lanouette’s Dance Connection
  • Niki Taylor Dance Centre
  • Sally Gould Dance Center
  • Thistle Academy of Dance


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